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Troy Bouris

Stafflete Troy Bouris

Stafflete Troy Bouris

Troy started working here 10 years ago and is pretty much the king of backcountry. If we’ve got a question about climbing, backpacking, or skiing, Troy is number one on our list of experts to ask (he’s also number one for SF Gate too!). He spends as much of his summer as possible backpacking and climbing in the Sierras. Donner Summit, Lovers Leap, Phantom Spires, and pretty much all of Yosemite are his favorite hang outs (clearly he has a hard time choosing just one) One of his proudest accomplishments is finishing a multi day climb up the west face of the Leaning Tower in Yosemite: a 1,000 foot ascent on an overhanging cliff that required an overnight bivy halfway up. Our palms are sweaty just thinkin’ about it. What about his ski expertise, you ask? In his teens, he competed in the Jr. Olympics in Park City, Utah (no big deal) and coached local ski clubs and high school & college ski race teams for years. This season, he’s planning on some quality time at Lassen Peak, which pretty much only has black diamond routes. Yup, he's pretty good at skiing.

So he’s an expert on all things in the mountains but what if we told you he’s also an expert on all things in the sky? Troy’s other passion is being airborne. He has a commercial pilot certificate and has logged thousands of hours buzzing around in a small aircraft teaching people how to fly and sharing his love of aviation. All he needs now is a Captain’s title and he’ll be master of the sky, land, and sea.


These are a few of Troy Bouris's favorite things