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Max Stewart

Stafflete Max Stewart

Stafflete Max Stewart

Max has been at our Bryant Street store for a little over 4 years. He’s a dude of many talents and can be found helping folks out in our backcountry department all summer, or in the ski shop during the snow season. But where he really shines is in climbing. He’s part of a climbing team, Team SAANO, and has climbed rock faces from the west coast of the US to the Swiss Alps! But of all the rocks he's climbed, Yosemite hosts his favorite spots.

When you meet him (and you should!) be sure to ask him about his epic alpine climbing journey with his climbing team. They climbed Alaska, the southern US, Germany, France, Switzerland, and Russia. They basically left no stone un-climbed. And he’s definitely not done yet! He recently went into the Teton Mountains in Wyoming to tackle a few alpine routes on the highest peaks in the range (ya know, just for funsies). So whether you’re getting into climbing or really looking to talk rock, Max is your guy.


These are a few of Max Stewart's favorite things