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Kat Hagood

Stafflete Kat Hagood

Stafflete Kat Hagood

When pretty much anyone at SB needs race training advice, they go to Kat Hagood. She’s a lean, mean, training machine (just kidding - she's not mean at all!). Kat once decided she wanted to break her personal run record of 15.6 miles, so she skipped the marathons and completed a 52k ultramarathon instead. Most recently, she finished first in her division at her first ever triathlon, the Half Moon Bay Sprint. She likes to credit her stubbornness for her ability to finish every race, but we think her hard work might possibly be a factor as well: in addition to being a full-time lead in the Berkeley store shoe department, she also squeezes in two run, swim, and bike sessions every week, training a minimum of 5 days a week. She typically ends up running 20-25 miles, swimming 4-6 hours, and cycling 50-60 miles weekly. How she fits it all in remains a mystery...we’re pretty sure she knows how to control time.

Kat has tons of great training advice that she'll happily share. She’ll even clue you into some of her favorite trails if you ask really nicely. Her best piece of advice? “Find your passion, no matter how old you are and do it because it's fun! Training to be on top is fun, sure; we're all a little competitive,” she says, “But training just because you love it is even better.” Now she’s getting ready to take on her next challenge: the world famous Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon. If anyone can jump from their first triathlon straight into Escape, it’s Kat. We can’t wait to see her at the finish line.


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