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Donna Troyna

Stafflete Donna Troyna

Stafflete Donna Troyna

Donna Troyna is kind of a superhero. She's been working for Sports Basement for almost 8 years, starting her career over at our Walnut Creek store and moving up in the ranks to become the manager of our Sunnyvale store's receiving department. She works hard, yeah, but trust us when we say that this woman runs hard, too. She's so humble and so sweet, but she racks up cred every time she laces up her Altras.

Need examples? Donna just completed her 122nd marathon (nope, no extra numbers there, that's really one hundred and twenty two) and she also recently completed her 31st Big Sur International Marathon. Beyond that, she's the only active female member of the Big Sur Grizzled Vets, and she's the only woman to have completed 31 of the Big Sur Marathons. She IS #fitnessgoals. And she's a dog lover, too! She shows and trains Basenjis (catch 'em in her video, they're far too cute for words, and so well-trained!) What's her lie? She's not into swimming. I mean, she can't be great at everything, after all. 


These are a few of Donna Troyna's favorite things