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Chaz Dela Cruz

Stafflete Chaz Dela Cruz

Stafflete Chaz Dela Cruz

Chaz Dela Cruz has been at Sports Basement for four years working as the lead of San Ramon's receiving department and our bike distribution center. When he's not receiving product or distributing bikes, he can be found mischievously shooting co-workers with nerf guns and hard tagging other staffer's aprons. But he's not only talented while at work, he's also an incredible rock climber.

Chaz has been an avid rock climber and adventurer for several years doing all types of climbing including sport, trad, bouldering, big wall, alpine, and free soloing. In fact, we think he's done every type of climbing possible. He's tackled the CLIF Bar Route at Chain Reaction in Smith Rock, Oregon; climbed Warp Factor at Donner Summit; and has finished a 600-foot free solo climb of After Six in Yosemite. His next mission is to climb the nose on El Capitan this September! If anyone's got it, it's Chaz. What's his lie? While he's clearly not afraid of heights, he is terrified of deep sea creatures like the (now extinct) megalodon, the giant squid, and the very deadly box jellyfish. Maybe that's why he climbs: to get as far in the opposite direction as possible. 


These are a few of Chaz Dela Cruz's favorite things