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Arjean Roldan

Stafflete Arjean Roldan

Stafflete Arjean Roldan

Meet Arjean, Assistant Manager by day and accomplished jiu jitsu fighter by night (and also day). Her level of discipline, commitment to her training, and all of her incredible wins are legendary at Sports Basement. After training for just eight months, she placed third in her first tournament by default. She says she cried afterwards because the fear of getting hurt and the massive adrenaline dump was so overwhelming, but instead of letting those emotions control her, she mastered herself and put all of her effort into training, and it paid off. After just one more month of rigorous training, she placed first in her next tournament! She cried after this tournament too, she says, but they were the happy tears of seeing her hard work pay off.

Arjean says she’s still got a lot to learn but she’s excited to continue on this exciting journey. She spends most of her free time training, not just at her jiu jitsu gym but also at the Diablo Rock Gym to supplement her muscle strength. What’s next for her? She’ll be competing in the Jiu Jitsu World League The Bay tournament in Livermore, California, and pushing herself to accomplish more after that. We already know she’s going to rock it!


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