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Sports Basement Rentals Sleeping Pad Deluxe

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The ultimate in outdoor sleep comfort.

This tried and true favorite is adored by many for its superior comfort, great stability and ease of inflation. A great pick for skeptics who are looking to ease into the idea of sleeping outdoors, the plush comfort of the DreamTime will get you hooked! On the outside, a machine washable cover features a soft, microfiber top that makes it easy to brush off pine needles and other debris while providing superior next-to-skin comfort. Inside, is an internal pillow topper with contour-hugging foam providing an additional inch of loft, and a 2.5-in thick self-inflating mattress core, providing the ultimate night's rest away from home. Whether you're decking out the back of a pick-up for a road trip, or just living large on a weekend outdoors, the DreamTime mattress system delivers portable comfort like nothing else.


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