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Ally Braue

Stafflete Ally Braue

Stafflete Ally Braue

One could say that Ally is as at home at Sports Basement as a fish is in water. Considering she’s a talented swimmer, that analogy fits even more perfectly. She’s worked at our San Ramon store for over a year and a half, dipping her toes in marketing and helping our customers’ checkouts go swimmingly. When she’s not at Sports Basement, she can be found in her local pool or lake. She’s been a competitive swimmer for 12 years in year-round and summer leagues. By the age of 9 she was placing in the top 10 at competitive meets in the 50 meter breaststroke. At 18 she swam across Lake Tahoe! She’s not just a swimmer, she’s a swinner.

While she’s definitely a pool-shark, she’s also a fintellectual! Her second passion is in the medical field and she’ll be pursuing a graduate degree in radiation therapy in Southern California starting July 2018! While we’ll definitely miss her, we’re excited to see her accomplishments and maybe even see her take on the challenge of open water swimming. We’ll have to wait and sea.


These are a few of Ally Braue's favorite things